Fuck Yeah - Episode 006

A year ago, I shot for Dollhouse Magazine, a fashion magazine based in Charleston. Aside from the photos I shot (click that to see them), I made a video that was on the website for the release of the first episode. Here's that video. Enjoy.


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The homie Kevin Venom hit me up to do some art for one of his tracks as well as some visuals for it, and him being one of my favorite rappers in the area, I happily made it happen for him. The song is called Orion's Dogs and features Yeen Yeen & Atlas Selasi, with production by my brother Contour. Here's the art, the song, and the visual, below.


My friend/brother Contour just released a new album called Street Chasers, filled with beats showcasing his talent as a producer. Each song has an accompanied video, and I have been lucky enough to get not only the title track of the album, but the opener and my favorite song. I ventured around downtown Charleston with Contour on an afternoon and constructed a video showing the contrast between the more financially affluent parts/peoples of Charleston and the lesser from the clips captured. Enjoy.

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A lot has been happening in life lately, but I haven't been doing much work. I am, however, back. Here's a new video I worked on with literally my favorite rapper in Charleston, warholtheghost. We put this together ahead of the release of his forthcoming album, amillionwaifus, and it's a video for the song "White Rabbits." Enjoy.

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Hey guys. Another video I've shot with Matt Monday has been released. The song is called "You" and we got the homie Sara to work with us on it. As I'm growing with music videos, I will learn a lot, but one shot music videos have always been a huge interest of mine, so I'm happy we got to do one and I'm happy with how this turned out. Check it out. Feel free to CLICK HERE to see more posts involving Sara.

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I am super pumped to show you guys another video I've worked on. This is by Kevin Venom, one of my favorite rappers from here for his song "O Heavens!" produced by my little bro Contour. This was cool because he was looking to capture a darker feel and we both ended up really happy with this.

FYI: I'm shooting music videos regularly so hit me up and let's do something!

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