Taylor 1

Both met and shot with Taylor for the first time the other night. Here are a set of photos from that encounter. I pulled out the infamous Nike tee from my website, Charleston Hype, as well as a few other things my friends/fam have graced me with. Peep the photos here.

Nike x Charleston Hype Tee from Charleston Hype
White pocket tee by Obey Clothing
Holy City Beanie by FlyordieNATION

Shot with Taylor the other night(coming soon) and we managed to play around with the hula hoop a little bit. Here are some of the results of said playing. New photos very shortly.

Today I ended up somewhere I haven't been since I was a great deal younger. A difference between now and then is that I had a camera with me. Snapped a couple of photos. Enjoy the view.

Hey guys, I got to shoot a music video for my unofficial little brother's band Blessed Ghost for their new EP The Island(click there to download). They aren't in it so you can't say stuff like "he doesn't even look like you" or anything like that but the tunes themselves are really awesome, and I had fun shooting this video. I'll put a stream of the album below as well. Enjoy.

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Hey guys. I'm still playing catch up with a few posts, here's some photos from my friend Lizzy from about a month or two ago. We had a different location in mind but I had left my memory card at home so we ended up shooting at the tennis courts outside of my apartment. Here are the images.

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Huf x Wu-Tang Football Jersey by Huf
Backwoods Bucket had by Ode Clothing

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