Matt Monday – You

Hey guys. Another video I’ve shot with Matt Monday has been released. The song is called “You” and we got the homie Sara to work with us on it. As I’m growing with music videos, I will learn a lot, but one shot music videos have always been a huge interest of mine, so I’m happy we got to do one and I’m happy with how this turned out. Check it out. Feel free to CLICK HERE to see more posts involving Sara.

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Kevin Venom – O Heavens!

I am super pumped to show you guys another video I’ve worked on. This is by Kevin Venom, one of my favorite rappers from here for his song “O Heavens!” produced by my little bro Contour. This was cool because he was looking to capture a darker feel and we both ended up really happy with this.

FYI: I’m shooting music videos regularly so hit me up and let’s do something!

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Jasmine 1

Got to shoot with my friend Jasmine for one of her first times in front of the camera. We cruised out to one of my favorite places to shoot and took some shots. You can catch her in some good from socks HUF & American Apparel, The Hundreds with a tee from their collaboration with Hook-Ups, and a tee and beanie from the homies at FlyordieNATION. Enjoy the photos.