Contour - Street Chasers (Music Video)

My friend/brother Contour just released a new album called Street Chasers, filled with beats showcasing his talent as a producer. Each song has an accompanied video, and I have been lucky enough to get not only the title track of the album, but the opener and my favorite song. I ventured around downtown Charleston with Contour on an afternoon and constructed a video showing the contrast between the more financially affluent parts/peoples of Charleston and the lesser from the clips captured. Enjoy.

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While I was out shooting for a video, I got this snap.

Pawley's Island, SC

While working on a project for a client with Sara, I snapped a few photos. Hope you enjoy.

Jacket by The North Face

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Hey guys. Going through the archives, I just realized I haven't posted from any of our past shoots, but I took some photos of my friend Sydnee the other day that turned out pretty cool. She attends Howard University and is a superb dancer. Here are the results of our adventure.

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