Solefood Denim Tee

Got up with Brandon from Solefood Clothing to shoot a couple of shots for their latest release, a denim tee. It's not too late to cop that bad boy so head HERE to get it.

Solefood Denim Tee - Front Solefood Denim Tee - Back

Hello all. I've reached an achievement of having some work published for a digital magazine. I shot for Dollhouse Magazine, a new publication, showing a brand called Wildster from Germany. Check out the photos here and enjoy.

Check out Dollhouse Magazine HERE
Check out Wildster HERE

The homie Kevin Venom hit me up to do some art for one of his tracks as well as some visuals for it, and him being one of my favorite rappers in the area, I happily made it happen for him. The song is called Orion's Dogs and features Yeen Yeen & Atlas Selasi, with production by my brother Contour. Here's the art, the song, and the visual, below.


Hello guys. Within the past couple of months, I've started a collective of sorts with some friends of mine dubbed "The Worst Generation". Every Sunday I try to release content from the crew. I've been creating track art for each release and doing some mixes on my turntables for the weekly releases, dubbed #worstgenerationsundays. Here are photos and tracks for you to listen to:

#worstgenerationsundays - week1
#worstgenerationsundays - week2

#worstgenerationsundays - week4


#worstgenerationsundays - week6


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