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I haven't been posting lately, but I've been shooting for a project that I can't share yet and not doing too much personal work. Here's something recent though, on the personal front. Got together with Kerri and she showed me a house that had previously burned down that she wanted to shoot in, so we made it happen. Enjoy the photos and I'll have more soon of her.

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Hello again! Worked with the good guys over at Forever Swazy and got with Shelby to shoot in their clothes. Check the photos out below. Enjoy your day/night/etc.



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It's been quite some time, hope all is well. Here's some 2017 work. I got with my new friend Sarah to shoot a new Charleston Hype shirt design we released. Check out a selection of photos here and check out the selection on the Charleston Hype webstore.


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A small bit ago, just a couple of weeks, I dropped a mixtape, or an EP or whatever. It's called "Unrequited" and it's completely produced, engineered, mixed, mastered and written by myself (minus the featured artists, of course). Stream it (via Spotify) right here.  (more…)

Here's another set of photos of Lexa L'Terra. I'm not sure when we can expect music but in  enjoy this set of photos of her in a Puerto Rican flag bikini top paired with a denim jumpsuit.



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Hey guys,


I haven't been a fan of most of the music I've made this year, and to metaphorically release myself from them, I just put them all on my SoundCloud page. I used this opportunity also to make cover art for each song. Go ahead and play some of the music and browse the images.


I'm available to do graphics for you as well as make beats for you and even record your raps. Shoot me an email over at the main site and let's get started on something.


Here's another set with Haley, this time I knocked out some photos in collaboration with Punch Kick Fight. They sent a couple of their Purpleaf tees to shoot in and I got with Haley to get some shots in. Check them out and make sure to check out PKF. Make sure to check out Haley on Snapchat and Instagram as well.


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Leading up to the release of her new music and website, Lexa L'Terra and I got together ot shoot some of the content for it. Here are a few of the images. For this set of photos, we grabbed a throwback MJ jersey and a 10Deep tee from a few seasons back. Check out the results.

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Hey guys. I'm still playing catch up with a few posts, here's some photos from my friend Lizzy from about a month or two ago. We had a different location in mind but I had left my memory card at home so we ended up shooting at the tennis courts outside of my apartment. Here are the images.

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Huf x Wu-Tang Football Jersey by Huf
Backwoods Bucket had by Ode Clothing

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I got a flat tire tonight and while I was waiting on someone to pick me up I came across a park. This is what it looked like through my lens.

Hey guys,

Shot with Ode Clothing again. Was cool. They posted the photos a bit back but I've got it for you here after the jump. I really like helping South Carolina streetwear brands out with lookbooks and other general shit.

Shouts out to Nick Milak(who is an amazing photographer(click his name to see)) and Asia Batey(click her name to see) for the help and for making me look more awesome than I really am.

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Hey guys. I've been gearing up for my participation in THE BIG MIX and THE ART AND SOLE ART SHOW (click those links to see wtf I'm talking about) these days and so I've been neglecting just shooting to shoot to shoot in order to make sure I don't completely let you guys down at these events. I've also been working a lot. With the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c, as well as iOS 7, I'm picking up a lot of extra hours. ANYWAY I got up with my friend Sidney who just moved back to Charleston from Virginia, and we took some pictures. Here's a few of them, we cut a Nike SB shirt I had and took a few snaps looking in the direction of the port/bridge here. Pics after the jump as usual.

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