Shelby 1

Hello again! Worked with the good guys over at Forever Swazy and got with Shelby to shoot in their clothes. Check the photos out below. Enjoy your day/night/etc.



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Here's another set of photos of Lexa L'Terra. I'm not sure when we can expect music but in  enjoy this set of photos of her in a Puerto Rican flag bikini top paired with a denim jumpsuit.



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While I was out shooting for a video, I got this snap.

Hey guys. I've been so busy lately starting a new website. Here's a picture I recently took.

I got a flat tire tonight and while I was waiting on someone to pick me up I came across a park. This is what it looked like through my lens.

Another short set of pictures with Kiara. Pictures after the jump.

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Tee by Diamond Supply Co.
Hat by Supreme
Socks - Plantlife Socks by HUF


Hello! I am getting back into the groove of shooting regularly and so I'm gonna try to drop some posts on you guys. Shot with Kiara the other night in a tee from the sneaker shop here in Charleston, called...Sneaker. Click the name of the store to go to their webstore. They've got a lot of dope clothes and...sneakers. Pictures after the jump.

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Hey guys. I haven't been posting a lot lately. Been...busy? I don't really think I've been busy but either way I haven't been posting much. Have a few cool shoots coming you way. So the other night I went out and saw a band called Super Deluxe presented Dillamental,(click that) in collaboration with a few other artists put on some J. Dilla instrumentals in commemoration of the one and only.

I'm going to try and start posting more of my lifestyle in the form of pictures, on top of what I've been doing. Thanks for the support so far hope you stay stoked on what I do.

Images of Dillamental after the jump.


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